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Random Errors with Firefox June 8, 2006

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Well, Firefox seems to like to automatically update itself (grrrr), and won't let me get into the post page here on wordpress. Oh joy!

Anyway, that's why there hasn't been much shme lately. I promise more shme!

Shme to the masses !!


Go vote! 1 in 5 is a landslide ! June 6, 2006

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Today's election day. Go vote!

Apparently we're expecting a 30% turnout in California. That means if you can get 1 in 5 registered voters to support you, you'll win in a landslide, because only 1.5 in 5 will actually vote.

That's pathetic! So go vote. And appreciate the fact that no one gets shot at here on the way to the polls. 

SwiMP3 for Admiral Ackbar? May 21, 2006

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While I have no intention of getting into the gadget review game (like popular sites like engaget), I did come across this goofy device as an interesting giveaway for a trade show raffle. You know, the "let us scan your badge and enter to win a <random shme thingy>". Replace <random shme thingy> with MP3 player, lowest-and-cheapest iPod, or the latest PDA. Or this newfangled device:


It's the SwiMP3 player, to be used by swimmers who want to be groovin' to "Once in a Lifetime" by the Talking Heads (and the lyrics "let the water hold me down"). Oy.

Apparently it works by sending sounds in by vibrating the bones in your head. But I keep thinking this looks more like a gift for Admiral Ackbar.

Admiral Ackbar
Is it just me?

Drink to the Star Spangled Banner May 17, 2006

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All this brou-ha-ha on cheering and jeering national anthems in my previous posts got me thinking about the origin of the Star Spangled Banner.

Most know about Francis Scott Key being kept prisoner aboard some British vessel while Baltimore (Fort McHenry) was being shelled. But do you know that the tune is "To Anacreon in Heaven", an old British drinking song?

More importantly, the tune totally fits — it is indeed a drinking tune! Don't believe me, see for yourself. Open a beer the next time you hear the anthem. If a college marching band is playing the song, you've got a huge advantage: you drink each time the cymbals crash. Consider:

Oh, say can you see (drink)

By the dawn's early light (drink)

What so proudly we hailed (drink)

At the twilight's last gleaming?

You get the idea. There's even a chug half way through, starting with "rockets red glare". You're done with your beer by the time you start singing "oh, say does that star spangled banner yet wave".

Anyway, with all this anthem controversy, I thought it might be good just to put things into perspective.


Irony: blogging isn’t in the WordPress dictionary May 14, 2006

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Okay, I don't mean to bite the hand that feeds me, but I find it ironic that the word blogging does not appear in the dictionary used by the spell checker in the default editor in WordPress. Oh, and WordPress doesn't appear, either.

It's ironic, no? And what's more… that song by Alanis Morissette about things that are ironic aren't examples of irony. Now that's ironic. Or maybe that's the point, but I doubt it.

Hi Mike! May 14, 2006

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I'm not sure what the "netiquette" is on blogs, but I had a nice post from a friend and colleague welcoming me to the world of blog, so I thought I'd return the favor.

Mike writes his blog on all sorts of topics, including Linux, Linux drivers, Linux compilers, Linux and Penguins, Linux distributions, Linux tools, Linux apps, Linux installation instructions, and wondering about why he spends his hours blogging about Linux.

But then there's the stuff you don't expect: cool missives on archeology, anthropology, and beer.

Like most of life, it's all a mosaic.

D-d-d-d Dead Deadwood? May 14, 2006

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So Paul Burd, of onedigitallife fame let me know over the weekend that HBO is considering making this season Deadwood's last. David Milch, the creator of the show, has said it only has four seasons at the most, anyway. This has caused uproar and discontent throughout the hits returned searching for Deadwood on Google (mostly blogs, some on HBO's own site). If you're shocked and don't believe me, Google search "Deadwood cancelled" and pick your favorite source.

This is really a shame. I'm a huge Deadwood fan, I was looking forward to blogging about it during this season. I probably still will. Deadwood is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in a video format. It's an incredibly entertaining art project creating fantastic characters in a historical setting delivering poignant lines — as close to modern-day Shakespeare as we can get.

But people, this a BUSINESS. Don't get me wrong, I'm as outraged as the next guy/gal/blogger. But entertainment — be it TV, movies, sports — is a b'niss. Why would HBO cancel? Well, maybe its a negotiation ploy with the top actors. The Sopranos cast got big money for their last season(s). The Seinfeld cast were paid huge sums to "do one more year". College basketball players are paid wads of money from Alumni (oops, no they're not — I'll save this for another post).

So, repeat after me, it's a b'niss. What to do with a business you don't like? Don't buy their product. It's so simple. They cancel your favorite show? Cancel HBO at the end of Deadwood's season. Tell HBO you're going to do that. Then do it.

People, if you looked at the number of hits that this uproar is causing on the net — assuming it's not the same 12 crazed people making all the posts — there's enough economic power to make a difference.

So treat the b'niss as a b'niss — you know, the guys who make "cost – benefit" trade-offs. Make the cost of their decision higher than the benefit. Cancel HBO after Deadwood. Save $12 a month.

Thanks, Mr WordPress! May 12, 2006

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Well, I was just trying this out and posted a comment about managing comments. Before I could see how to edit the comment or delete it, the nice folks from WordPress helped out. Thanks!

I'm wondering if there's any automated way of blocking or moderating comments — perhaps that's what the more popular blogs do — just to filter out the inevitable spam for mortgages, or random prescription drugs, or pornography.

Nevermind. Time for Letterman.

Hello world! And Oy Vey to you too. May 12, 2006

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Okay, here's yet another blog thanks to the folks at WordPress.com.

Why blog? I don't know. Something about free speach. Or rants. Or neither. Or both.

Or perhaps it's just the influence of a few fine cocktails celebrating a frend's birthday who's a blogger. 

I guess in blogging the first thing is to set up categories / tags for searching. That's too much to ask for at this point.

We'll save it for another day.