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Oh Canada, the epilogue June 8, 2006

Posted by randomshme in Daily Shme, Sports.

Ironies of ironies.

The hard-hitting Edmonton Oilers, after their own embroilment in the singing "O Canada" anthem incident, and more importantly advancing through the playoffs by taking out other team's top players, has lost its own.

Edmonton beat the Sharks with repeated hits to San Jose's young stars. They beat up the Ducks, making them look as inept as Gilbert Godfried in those Aflac commercials.

But Sports Illustrated, USA Today, MSNBC, Yahoo, and even the CBC all missed the ultimate irony: with their own star, Goalie Dwayne Roloson, out for the series with an injury, the Oilers are done. Cheer the anthems, boo the anthems, sing O Canada, drink to the Star Spangled Banner — it doesn't matter.

The real irony is that Roloson was hurt as by accident — it was due to his own defenseman's aggressive play. That wasn't true when the rough playing Torres intentionally elbowed Shark's Rookie winger Milan Michalek in the head, bruising his eye socket. It was a cheap shot, and lead to the Oilers advance.

Now, without their best player, the Oilers are out.

Karma exists in the NHL.



1. John Newton - November 16, 2006

Good bye Dave! We’ll miss you.

2. Fundraiser - January 18, 2007

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3. wordpressbloger - January 25, 2007

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4. Rosie - February 16, 2007

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