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Elizabeth I on HBO June 4, 2006

Posted by randomshme in Daily Shme.

I'm not sure how many people watched HBO's version of Elizabeth I. Tivo grabbed the two part mini-series for me, and I finally got around to watching four hours of late 16th century England. Lots of stuff happens during Elizabeth's reign, most notably Drake's defeat of the Spanish Armada which leads to rise of England as the ruling sea power. No naval battles are shown, no royal navals are shown (no nudity at all, actually), but you definately get a sense of the events around it.

I thought it was a good mix of beheadings and heretic disembowlings along with weaving in bits about the Queen's love life. The adds made it look like a romance novel, but it didn't roll that way. At least to someone who was watching and surfing the web at the same time. It was as historically correct as you're gonna get outside of the History channel (at least what I could verify on Google and Wikipedia). So much for advertising.

Have Tivo find it for you, I'm sure it'll be repeated.



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